co-occurrence is a graphics and web presence creator based in the West End of Glasgow specialising in the rapid production of light-touch contemporary minimal graphics matched by light-weight standards compliant websites. Our clients include some of the UK”s leading practices in economic development and urbanism as well as local businesses.

co-occurrence is an offshoot of Willie Miller Urban Design. The demand for WMUD”s graphic and web design work is now well established and it is appropriate for that output to have its own identity. We produce light-weight, high impact graphics and standards compliant web pages and an aesthetic which is smart, contemporary and unmistakably 21st century.

A great idea or message clouded by unnecessary verbiage and visual noise is unlikely to be given the respect or attention it deserves. The approach taken in the co-occurrence studio involves stripping away redundant information resulting in lower costs, reduced production time, increased accessibility, reaching more people and excluding fewer.